Benjamin Starr interviews Jasmine, Louise and Jenny from Visit Noosa. Find out how to make the most out of your stay as these local ladies talk about the must visit places to visit and explore. 

Season 1, Episode 25

Tourism Noosa

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Benjamin Starr

Jasmine, Louise and Jenny

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Benjamin Star: Ok, we are driving our own adventure with Ingenia Holidays. We’re now down at Noosa Information Centre, where’ve got Jasmine, Louise and Jenny joining us. How are you ladies?

Jasmine, Louise and Jenny: Very well thank you Ben

Benjamin: Now you’ve got a great job, you get to help people find these fabulous destinations to go and visit in Noosa. What’s great about Noosa?

One of the girls: The fact that we’re so close to the ocean, beautiful oceans to swim in and places to explore.

Ben: When you say explore what can you do here?

One of the girls:  Really, you can get on a bike and go for an amazing bike ride along the coast or you can go a long walk along the Hinterland, out there and go to a country pub or you can go for a beautiful meal at night.

Ben: What is it about Noosa that makes it so different to everywhere else?

One of the girls:  I think it is the way it is, well for Noosa Beach in particular it’s the north facing beach so we have that beautiful protection from those nasty southerly or easterly winds and also that protects the beach from some of the swell too, so for families or people who I guess aren’t as  comfortable in big surf that for one of the things that makes it really unique.  We have that at Mooloolabah but again more so in Noosa so as far as the beaches are concerned that’s probably the main factor there.

Ben: So, when people are driving their own adventure with families, you can’t do everything when you come to a place, what should they do when they come here if it’s the first time?

One of the girls: Definitely the walk through the national park

All of the girls:  Yeah

One of the girls: Especially this time of year. You’ll see whales, you’ll see dolphins, you’ll see turtles. Winter is the best time of the year as far as the clarity of the water goes, as well and we do get the calm oceans because we’re not having the storm season. So if you want to experience what Noosa is about, that crystal clear water, the wildlife, koalas in the trees, beautiful natural settings, it’s all natural here.

Ben: It’s all natural. Now all the buildings are beautiful, the street is beautiful the shops are beautiful. What’s the drawcard for Noosa in terms of the retail side?

One of the girls:  I think the shops, it’s a really relaxed atmosphere and there’s lots of things you can buy things you can’t really get at your Westfield Shopping Centres and things like that.  Things are locally made which makes it exciting, especially if you are from overseas and you want to give someone a gift; hey something from Noosa.

Ben: Now people that might be listening into this today driving along in a car as a podcast and they’re on their way up the coast, how many days do you think you need to spend in Noosa or if you’re making a big trip?

One of the girls (with accent): I would definitely recommend a week for sure, just to be able to get a taste of all the fabulous things you can do here. From lying on the beach, going on walks through the National Park, having as small shop here and there, there’s markets with fresh produce, and the other thing Noosa is very proud of as well, is supporting plastic free which we’re all working very hard towards.

Ben: So, you notice on your wall here, there’s just a plethora of information. What are the go to things that people do all the time when they come out here? I see that you’ve got health and wellness, retail and services, dining must be big, you must have hatted restaurants here.

One of the girls: We certainly do. Quite a few and some celebrity chefs to boot and I think the other thing is the array of cuisine that we’ve got here in Noosa. Anything from your simple amazingly fresh fish and chips on the river to fine dining here in Hastings Street on the beach.

Ben: Now what about diving experiences?  We’ve come down all the coast, you can dive everywhere.  Can you do that here?

One of the girls:  Yes, yes, you can yes.

Ben: Where can you do that?

One of the girls:  You can dive. There’s a company that will cater a dive for you and of course you would come to the Information Centre and we would be able to sort all of that out for you. So, yes of course you can do things like diving, snorkelling and stand up paddle boards, yeah.

Ben: It’s got it all?

One of the Girls: Yes, definitely.

One of the Girls: We have amazing snorkelling spots straight off the beaches, throughout the river system too that you can just jump in and there’s fish right there so yeah.

Ben: Now there’s lots of places to stay within Ingenia Holidays, they are helping everybody drive their own adventures, so that’s a great way to start off your vacation. If they came down to the information centre when they arrive and they can sit down and it’s almost like you guys are like tourism consultants, is that the whole idea?

One of the Girls: Noosa Concierge we call ourselves.

Girls: Yeah.

One of the Girls: Yes so we can help you find or discover anything you want to discover in Noosa. Our volunteers have so much information from which bus to catch to when the last ferry goes to which Fraser Island tour, which is very very popular to do so yeah.

Ben: And what’s the tagline Noosa Alive? I notice it’s everywhere, is that you’re marketing for this year?

One of the Girls: No, so Noosa Alive is actually a cultural festival that we have here in Noosa every year and it goes across for ten days.  Anything from the Umbilical Brothers this year to  the Queensland Ballet to opera, so anything that’s cultural and you can experience that all for the whole ten days in Noosa during July.

Ben: I imagine a lot of celebrities live up here. If people are walking along the streets, who would you be likely to see that you go, I know that person from TV or you know, the attraction with restaurants and dining?

One of the Girls: Well I think one of everyone’s favorites would be Dan McPherson.

Girls: Oh yeah.

One of the Girls: Yeah so I won’t give away his location, but yes he does have a house here. I saw Steve Liebmen just next door in the corridor the other day. Mike Hay actually lives here is well. I don’t know if people I’m showing my age now, knowing Mike Hey was a newsreader on television.

Another one of the Girls: We get lots of celebrities visiting, yeah

A couple of Girls: Yeah

One of the Girls: On the main beach you might be lucky to take a glimpse of someone here and there, so yeah.

Ben: That’s quite amazing.  Now let’s talk about the location because the perception is Noosa is so far away if you are in another state, you’re heard the name Noosa, you hear luxury, you hear all that, but we’re not that far away from Brisbane.

One of the Girls:  We are an hour and a half’s drive from the airports, and usually allow about two hours from central Brisbane on a good run. Yeah, so it’s very close, you can hop on the train from Cooroy to Nambour and there’s lots of different bus services as well, so you can certainly get to and from Brisbane no problem.

Ben: Now what people are feeling stressed and they are thinking I’m coming up here, what advice can you give them for relaxation and therapies? There must be a whole a whole lot of things.

One of the Girls: There is. I think just our Winter campaign was the Relaxation Capital. So we have not only so many things that you do in nature that are relaxing, you can see that our main street is not overrun by traffic or people so it’s as Jenny said, it’s a beautiful place to just come and shop and mosy along. We have some of the best bars if that’s how you like to relax.

Ben: What sort of money would you outlay for a good spa?

One of the Girls: Anywhere between $100, you can get some great specials for $100 up to somewhere like Ikatan Spa which offers the full Balinese experience, you can get a full day experience out there for I think up to $400, so…

Ben: Wow, and you’ll walk out feeling totally like you’re on cloud nine huh?

One of the Girls: Yes fabulous.

Ben: What’s the best part about living here?

One of the Girls: I love the fact that you can certainly think they’ve got to come to work for the day, but you can take a beautiful walk along the river or down at beach and just be outside doing your exercise. That is something I have to do every day and I know a lot of the people that work here in the whole of Noosa, that’s one of the reasons why they live here.

Ben: So, was it a sea change for all of you? Did you all end up here from a sea change?

One of the Girls: Yeah, I came from Melbourne. I got sick of the cold weather in Melbourne and thought what am I doing with myself? We were going to buy a house down there and it’s like six degrees out here and it’s now twenty-two in Noosa, so it was a bit of a no brainer. We don’t regret it at all, we love it.

Ben: Yeah, you love the whole change?

One of the Girls: Absolutely

Ben: What about yourself?

One of the Girls: My Grandfather built our first holiday house.  He started building in 1967 in Sunshine Beach. It’s only just been pulled down mind you, it was very sad.  Yes, I tried not to look when I drove past when I saw the truck there, so I’ve been coming up since I was six years old for holidays and came up to visit my grandparents after I left school and I never went back.

Ben: My goodness. Now, I want to find out before we finish today about the Noosa Country Drives.

One of the Girls:  Definitely. There’s an awesome map that we often hand out to our visitors and it enables them to visit some beautiful waterfalls, beautiful townships like Pomona, there’s the Everglades which has a whole range of activities you can do out there, camping etcetera.  You can go up into the Hinterlands do some wine tasting and cheese tasting. It’s an awesome drive, there’s so much you can do from it, so it great.

One of the Girls: Bush walking from it or mountain biking if you’re into mountain biking or horse riding you can actually go in the Hinterland tracks; the Noosa trial tracks and it’s just unlimited.

Ben: Now, a lot of our listeners might be travelling with pets. That’s the new thing now, they bring the family dog is a pretty friendly on the beaches are the special beaches that you can go to for your dogs?

One of the Girls: I take my dog to the doggie beach just down the end of Hastings Street and he loves it because it’s calm. There is as a bit of a current, but he can jump in the water, you can throw a ball and it goes splash and he is in. It’s fantastic.

Ben: Fantastic!  Well look, it seems like the go to place we’ve got to come here. What’s the best address a web address so that we can go to find out more information for this centre?

One of the Girls: That would be

Ben: Fantastic! Well ladies, thank you very much for your time today, Jenny Louise and Jasmine.

One of the Girls: You’re most welcome Ben and thank you it was great.

Ben: Fantastic! If you would more information you can log on to the website as we drive the adventure right around Australia here.

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