Season 1, Episode 23

Ingenia Holidays Hervey Bay

Only 300 metres to the beach and situated alongside the Torquay Lakes is one of the most popular holiday parks on the Fraser Coast.

It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling as a couple or with your young family this park has several accommodation options and with so many things to see and do on your door step, make sure you check-in to Ingenia Holidays Hervey Bay

Hosts & Guests

Benjamin Starr

Mourell Dunston

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Ben: And welcome back, we are driving our own adventure.  We’ve got the lovely Mourell joining us from Hervey Bay Ingenia Holidays. A lovely place to visit, how are you Mourell?

Mourell: I’m very good how are you?

Ben: I’m very, very well, what a beautiful spot that you get to work in.

Mourell: I know, very lucky!

Ben: Now tell us a little bit about the wonderful Ingenia Park, there, it’s a bit of a community feel there. 

Mourell: Yes, it is, we have a lovely holiday park here in Hervey Bay, three hundred metres from the beach      we cater for all types of people.  So we have family accommodation, camping, you can come and stay in   one of a units, you can come and I’m just hang out with us, it’s just beautiful. 

Ben: Now tell us when you arrive at Ingenia there in Hervey Bay what’s the process, ring you up, book your spot. Where you want to stay, or you choose the sport do you? 

Mourell: Yeah you can call it anytime and we will book you a spot whether you are wanting a camp site, a cabin an ensuite site.     

Ben: When people do drive up, I was there, we were talking to people that had driven from Melbourne.  You know it’s not a short distance and they stayed for quite a while real community feel there. 

Mourell: Yes, we have some people that come and stay for almost a year every single year and have done for the last fifteen – twenty years.

Ben: And they were even telling me that they even have a local doctor up there that they all go to!

Mourell: 100 percent yes !      

Ben: Now tell us what are the facilities at the park there?

Mourell: We have lost of stuff, so we lots for the children to do. So, we have three pools with a spa, a jump pad, a day time playground and a night time playground it all lights up and roars at you, which is lovely.  And we are right on the corner of the Torquay Lake, so it’s beautiful. 

Ben: Fantastic, now when people come to your park there’s lots to see and do in Hervey Bay. What are your top three things and you can do, and you can do the bookings through you can’t you? 

Mourell: You can, you can!  Whale season so anywhere between May and September. The whales are frolicking and carrying on out the front between us and Fraser Island. So, its lovely to go and see them.  There’s Fraser Island tours, so Fraser Explorer do a bus tour over to Fraser Island, absolutely       unbelievable tour!  

Ben: Yes.  

Mourell: And just along our Esplanade is just beautiful, it’s just divine!

Ben: Alright Mourell, now how the people get in contact with you? 

Mourell: They can either jump on our website which is or they can give us a call on 07 41251103.

Ben: There you go, you’ll meet the lovely Mourell and you will meet you them at the front door when they arrive, you hand the keys over and show them how to operate that wonderful boom gate with the key don’t you?

Mourell: I do, yes I do.  I’m the gate keeper.    

Ben: Thanks Mourell, we’ll talk to you again soon.            

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